Morneau Shepell Children's Support Solutions

Morneau Shepell’s Children’s Support Solutions helps children reach their full potential by providing accessible and trusted professional support for children who experience difficultly in development. We work in collaboration with families, childcare centres, preschools, daycare providers, and private and public schools. We listen to help identify individual issues and focus on facilitating development, and social and academic growth.



We offer a wide range of services for children with differences and their families; including, screenings, assessments, and interventions. Our inter-professional therapy team provides services that address communication, behaviour, social, motor skills, sensory processing and academic skills. Our team across Canada includes experts in development, behaviour and education who are dedicated to helping children with differences reach their potential.




Brunswick Medical Center
955 boul. St. Jean, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 5K3

Tour 2, Suite 312
T: 1-866-653-2397



Olga Kopyl, psychologist

Catherine Norsworthy, speech language pathologist

Erin Lieberman, speech language pathologist

Alina Boghen, speech language pathologist

Allixia Blouin, speech language pathologist

Kim Donnelly, speech language pathologist

Sophia Gabriel-Pierre, occupational therapist

Tina Carozza, behaviour therapist

Eithne Sheeran, behaviour therapist

Brigitte Legault, orthopedagogue (special educator)

Johanne Ménard, orthopedagogue (special educator)


Clinical Psychology


Occupational Therapy

Behaviour Therapy

Special Education





  • “Brunswick Medical Center really helped me during a rough time. I will be forever grateful for their compassion and dedication. Thank you Brunswick!”

  • “The staff and doctors at the Brunswick make the patient experience a great one! They are always smiling and it shows that they really love what they do. It’s nice to go to a happy environment, even if it isn’t always for a happy reason.”

  • “Brunswick Medical Center is the best thing to happen to medicine.”


  • “All of my doctors are at the Brunswick Medical Center. It really is a one-stop shop!”